I have always been an entrepreneur.

I love business and thinking up new ways to start new companies or to grow and expand existing companies. I enjoy finding underserved niches and seeing if they can be developed into a money-making business that can actually help people.

In high school in the 80s, I started my first two businesses: a gymnastics coaching business for a local high school in New Orleans and also as a dealer for Universal Gym Equipment, installing and maintaining gym equipment in the Louisiana – Mississippi area. Over my 30+ year entrepreneurial career, I have worked in financial industry, the circus (yes really), owned companies in the entertainment industry, the hospitality industry, real estate, software, e-commerce, oil and gas, and blockchain related companies.  Some have been very successful (I built and operated an 8-figure revenue company) and some have crashed and burned.


The idea behind this blog originated from one of my first loves… teaching. I have coached thousands of gymnasts, acrobats, actors and performers over my entertainment career. When teaching an acrobat to perform a new skill, there is a basic technique that the coach starts with to complete the skill that is then applied and altered based on that specific acrobat. A great coach is able to look at the performer’s body structure, physical condition and mental condition and tailor the technique to achieve the desired result. The same can be said for actors and even applied to starting a business. Successful businesses are created to fill a need first, then you take tools and techniques and tailor them to make that business successful.

Every successful business person has their own set of war stories about the trials and tribulations on their road to success. One thing I can say is that everyone’s path is different and millions of different variables had to come together in the right way to “make it”. This blog (like any other blog) is an opinion about what works and what doesn’t. There is no “hard and fast” right and wrong (I am probably the furthest thing from a professional manager you can get). I can say that business opportunities that have been really successful for me have spawned from ideas that initially seemed like a disaster.

When I was looking back about what worked for me, I realized that in every business that was profitable, I employed different “levers” to amplify the impact of the actual work performed (whether it was my personal work or that of my employees). I really embraced technology to amplify individual performance and found that spending on technology and process creation paid off huge in the long run.

Strategy vs. Tactics

I am a firm believer in embracing a strategic mindset versus having a short-term tactical approach. This led to the realization that the ability to find and create “levers” was actually more important than the money itself. Imagine being able just to create cash flow and more income when you need it.

This isn’t a “get rich quick” blog. If there was such a thing I would have done it long ago. This blog is about understanding yourself and preparing for the constantly changing business landscape to come out on top. It is focused on the business of YOU.

If I can help one person reach their goals, this blog is worth it (I hope I can help many more and I can learn from you as well!). Hope you enjoy the blog and looking forward to hearing from you.

Levered Income