How do I find valuable domain names? In this article, Domain Reselling 101, I walk you through how to find a great domain name.

How to Find a Great Domain Name - Purchase High Dollar Domains On the Secondary Market

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Probably the first way that comes to mind, but not the best or most cost effective route.

Using this method, you select domains owned and priced by others on the secondary market. These prices can run into the thousands of dollars.

There are investors who purchase these types of domain names in bulk, holding them as part of a portfolio and slowly selling them over time. These domain names are typically priced starting at $10,000 per domain name, going up into the millions of dollars.

I don’t advise following this approach unless you are purchasing a specific domain name for a specific business you are planning on starting.

It’s very difficult to make a profit when your inventory is expensive. There’s not enough of a markup if you are paying retail prices for a domain name.

Domain Reselling 101 Tip

You want to SELL at retail, not buy at retail. The “great” part of “how to find a great domain name” also incorporates “great price”.

How to Find a Great Domain Name - Finding New Market Niches

New Market Niches

There are always new markets emerging the the global business world. The cryptocurrency market did not exist prior to 2009, and in the last 9 years it has grown into a multi-billion dollar market. Cryptocurrency domain names are now valued in the millions. Before there was such a thing as “bitcoin”, “ethereum” or other top cryptocurrencies, those cryptocurrency-related domain names could have been purchased for as low as $9.00.

Researching new market niches and securing related domain names is an excellent way to find a great domain name and to add value to your domain portfolio with just a little bit of work.

GoDaddy Domain Search Results using “Bitcoin” as a Search Parameter

Stay up on current events, and be ready to pounce on new domain name investment opportunities.

How to Find a Great Domain Name - Purchasing Expired Domain Names

Expired Domain Names

Another excellent way to find valuable domain names at a discount is to look on expired domain name auctions. An expired domain name auction happens when a domain name is not renewed by the owner.

Each year, the owner of a domain name must pay a fee (as low as $9.00 per domain) to keep control of the domain name. If the payment lapses, these domain names are released back into the market. Some registrars (GoDaddy is one) hold an auction offering those expired domain names before they are released the public.

This is a great opportunity to acquire valuable domains for pennies on the dollar.

The image above is a sample of a search of GoDaddy expiring domain name auctions.

Note some of the high value domain names such as that has an estimated value of $10,612 and a starting bid of only $12. You can also see the numbers of bids/ offers, domain name traffic and time left in the auction.

How to Find a Great Domain Name - Use to Find New High Value Domains Names

Prospect for Unregistered Domain Names

This is my favorite. It feels like I am mining for gold.

Basically the process is to pick a high-value keyword (I used “affiliate” in this example) and use and the Godaddy search engine to find unregistered domain names. Affiliate marketing is a very high Lever Rank online business, and serving that online market would be a good online business model.

A quick search reveals some premium domain names that contain the word “affiliate” priced at over $25,000.

“Help” with affiliate marketing is a well searched topic so I perform a search GoDaddy domain search for “”.

The domain is taken, so I open up and enter the word “help” to see different synonyms for the word “help”.

As I go through the list, I tab over to verbs for “aid” and “assist” (I like domain names that inspire action).

I see “lend a hand” and start to think about “helping” or “saving” someone who is struggling with affiliate marketing. I want to be their “lifesaver” and help them when they need it. I search for “lifesaver” and bingo!

It is available!

I am a member of the Godaddy Discount Domain Club, so I buy .com domain names for $8.29, a $3.00 savings (25% savings) over non-members. The discount domain club is a great deal for domain investors and domain resellers ($3.00 quickly adds up when you have hundreds of domain names in the portfolio).

I always search for a while because new and better ideas always pop up as I dive deeper into searching for different domain names. I enter “lifesaver” into the thesaurus search window and get another screen of potential words.

I see “guardian angel” in the tabs and think that “angel” would be great combined with “affiliate”.

Both words start with the letter “A”, it’s easy to say, and it immediately conveys what the business does. I combine the words and search for “”.

Bummer! It’s already taken, and is up for sale at $2,195 as a premium domain name (by someone doing the same thing as me).

I go back to the “lifesaver” search page and consider how I would feel if someone stepped in and helped me fix an affiliate marketing issue that I was struggling with.

I see the word “relief” in the last column on the right and think that is something I would feel if someone helped me through an issue. I add that word to my “affiliate” root word and search for “

It is available! That is two domain names.

I really would like a word starting with an “A” to follow “affiliate” as I think it would be both easy to say and to remember (both of which are critical in branding).

I continue thinking about someone who is on your side and has your back when you are affiliate marketing.

Because I speak with a lot of attorneys in my other lines of business, the word “advocate” comes to mind. Looking under the “help” search again, I notice “advocate” under the “verb” section for the word “help”.

A quick search of “” on Godaddy reveals that it is taken already.

I searched through the other synonyms on that page and thought that “” would have been nice – unfortunately, another domain investor already registered it and has the domain name for sale for $3,000.

Going down the list, “” is available! Not the “A” word I’m looking for, but a great domain name to add to the domain name investment portfolio in any case.

I’m still really looking for a word that starts with “A” (to be paired with “affiliate”) that represents someone who helps new affiliate marketers get started.

I go back to the beginning and search for synonyms for “help” one more time.

I notice that “assistance” is listed in the top tab of the noun description along with “assist” on the verb area. I want to be the “person” that assists – or the “doer” of assistance.

I run a quick search for “” and bingo! The domain is available as an expiring domain name!

I make the purchase via the minimum bid of $12.00 (which was the “buy it now” price), and I receive the “won auction notification”.

I now follow the links to complete my purchase of the domain name.

The Domain now shows up in my “won auctions” at GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is really good at communicating during the entire transaction process. You will receive a final email with the “Transfer Complete” notification once the domain is actually transferred into your account.

It’s important to note that this is not an instantaneous process. You can see in the “won auctions” area the timeline when GoDaddy estimates the domain will be ready for transfer.

Learning More About How to Find a Great Domain Name

There are many different approaches on how to find a great domain name, but I wanted to take some time and give insight on my approaches. Part of any reseller business model is acquisition of the highest quality inventory at the lowest possible price point. It not just a Domain Reselling 101 concept, but a Business 101 concept.

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One of my favorite quotes is from an ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus , who is known for his concept that change was central for the universe.

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.

- Heraclitus

It is important to remember that like every market, the domain reselling market is constantly evolving, with new tools on how you sell domains, what domains have value, and how to find hidden value in the unregistered domain name market. Good luck with the search and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out in the comment section below.