Our favorite WordPress theme creator, Elegant Themes, is launching a version 4 update to their most popular theme, Divi. Here is all you need to know about the Elegant Themes Divi 4 launch.

Divi is the most widely used premium WordPress theme in the world according to BuiltWith.

Divi’s popularity is  due to the fantastic visual editor page editor, making it simple to build a new WordPress website.

Here is an overview of Divi, the most popular premium WordPress theme from Elegant themes:

Elegant Themes Divi 4 launch - What is changing with Divi 4?

With the launch of Divi 4, Elegant Themes is changing Divi from a page builder to a visual website builder.

Now titled a “Theme Builder”, with Divi 4 you can now customize everything on your website. In essence, you can now create your own custom theme with “drag and drop” simplicity.

Learn more the Elegant Themes Divi 4 and what is changing with Divi:

What is the difference between being a “page builder” versus a “theme builder”?

Page Builder

Divi as “page builder” does just that, visually building your WordPress pages. In the current version of Divi, you cannot edit the theme with the visual page builder.

What does this mean?

If you want to change the standard header of footer for example, you need to custom code these changes.

Theme Builder

Creating a “Theme Builder” is revolutionary.

No longer will you need to buy different premium WordPress themes. One theme can be changed into an infinite variety of new looks. With Divi 4 you have everything you need.

Choosing the Right Premium WordPress Theme

One of the most important things about choosing a premium WordPress theme is support. Some important questions to ask when choosing a theme supplier are:

How easy is the theme to use?

Do you need to code to launch a website?

Does the theme has a visual builder?

How often does the developer update the theme?

What about dealing with plugin conflicts?

Does the developer have robust support?

Elegant Themes is our number one source for premium WordPress themes and checks all the right boxes. They have great support, frequent updates and very few plugin conflicts.

They make it easy to build incredible looking WordPress websites and maintain them.

The Levered Income website is built using both an Elegant Themes premium WordPress theme and the Divi visual builder. Check out more about the Elegant Themes Divi 4 launch on the Elegant Themes website.