What is the best keyword research tool? Before choosing to add any tool to your arsenal (especially with something as important as choosing a keyword research tool), you need to drill down on how you are going to use that tool.

Keyword research is critical to the success of any online business. Knowing what search terms your customers are using determines how you create the content to attract them to your website.

Jaaxy is an an easy to use keyword research tool that was built from the ground up for affiliate marketers. Jaxxy is a tool I use every day, so lets take a dive into what Jaaxy is and if it fits in your online toolbox.

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Tiered Pricing Structure – Free Trial, $49.00 per month Premium Plan, $99.00 per month Enterprise Plan. Special price for Wealthy Affiliate Premium members.


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65 out of 100

Lever Rank Label 65 What is the best keyword research tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Platform Overview

Jaaxy Keyword Research tool Overview What is the best keyword research tool

In addition to being a keyword research tool for affiliate marketers, Jaaxy was built as an entire research “platform” for affiliate marketers. Developed by the Wealthy Affiliate Team (my favorite affiliate marketing platform), Jaaxy is tightly integrated into their platform, but can also be used as a stand-alone research tool for online business people.

With Jaaxy, you can research low competition keywords for creating content that quickly ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as find new business niches to expand your online businesses.

Run a quick test search here:

Jaaxy Platform Tools

Keyword Research Levered Income What is the best keyword research tool

Keyword Research

Before you can evaluate what the best keyword research tool is, you need to have an understanding of keyword research.

So, what is keyword research?

In a nutshell, keyword research is the most basic core SEO task of finding words or phrases people enter most often into the “search” box of search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). The next step is to find out how much competition there is for a particular keyword, which lets you know how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of search engine results.

Wealthy Affiliate has created a great walkthrough video on keywords and using the power of Jaaxy.

Keyword Mastery Wealthy Affiliate What is the best keyword research tool

Lets take Jaaxy for a spin and do some keyword research. In this example, we are looking at outdoor dimming for lighting as our niche.

We will start our search with “outdoor dimmer” and see what happens:

Outdoor Dimmer Keyword Search What is the best keyword research tool

The search results return the following data per column:


The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.


Number of visits to your website if you are on the first page in search engine results.


Also means “Quoted Search Results” which is the number of competing websites that are already ranked in Google for that exact keyword.


Stands for keyword quality indicator – Jaaxy makes it easy to understand with green meaning “great”, yellow as “ok” and red as “poor”.


Stands for the SEO score which is based on traffic and competition for that keyword. The higher the score (closer it is to 100) the more likely your website will rank on the first page for that keyword.


Checks the availability of .com, .net and .org exact-match keywords. In this example, the “outdoor dimmer” domain name is available as a .com, .net and as a .org!

A large part of keyword research is looking at the different ways you can search for the same items. Without a great keyword research tool, you can spend hours on this part of research. Jaaxy does this heavy lifting for you automatically.

Note all of the related keywords listed below your searched keyword and all of the statistics for each of those options as well. With an Enterprise subscription (what I use) you can sort all columns, including columns by traffic, QSR, KQI and SEO in both ascending and descending order.

Outdoor Dimmer Keyword Search Notated What is the best keyword research tool

I like to sort lists based on QSR as I am looking for “low-hanging fruit” – otherwise known as low-competition keywords. I am looking to have my content rank on the first page of Google as quickly as possible.

Jaxxy QSR Sort Result What is the best keyword research tool

Best practices for a new website is to look for a search volume of at least 30 searches per month and a QSR below 100 (although the lower the better for ranking).

With a new site I try to dial it in a bit further. I focus on keywords with an average at least 60 searches per month and a QSR below 30.

Just looking at this list, I see right away that “outdoor dimmer light switch” has 80 searches per month and a QSR or only 7, and this keyword has a 99 SEO score. Also, the keyword must make sense as it will need to be part of your written content.

Jaxxy QSR Sort Result Notated What is the best keyword research tool

Jaaxy even allows you to save the keywords you like into lists:

Jaaxy Save to List What is the best keyword research tool

Once saved, Jaaxy will even make your saved keywords with an “L” (meaning “List”) in front of the keyword.

L in Notated Jaaxy Keyword List Notated What is the best keyword research tool

In Jaaxy, you can have multiple keyword research lists, with the number of keywords, traffic and export capability to both csv and txt file formats.

Jaaxy Saved Keyword List 1 What is the best keyword research tool

Keyword research on Jaaxy is very easy, straightforward and most importantly, simple to understand.

Alphabet Soup Technique using What is the best keyword research tool

Alphabet Soup

What is the “alphabet soup” technique for performing keyword research? The “alphabet soup” technique of keyword research leverages the power of Google’s autocomplete function in the search box. When typing in a search term, Google will suggest potential search terms based on popularity.

Outdoor Dimmer Google Autocomplete What is the best keyword research tool

In the above example, I began a search for “outdoor dimmer” and Google generously supplies me with a list of 10 potential keywords to speed up my search.

Lets take a look at the first one, “outdoor dimmer switch” which is very close to my previously saved “outdoor dimmer light switch”, which is also in this list.

Outdoor Dimmer Switch Keyword Search What is the best keyword research tool

This keyword looks great from a traffic (136 monthly searches), QSR (33 competing indexed pages in Google), and from an SEO quality score (95) perspective. Working through this entire list on Jaaxy gets your the following results:

Outdoor dimmer Alphabet Soup Jaxxy Saved List What is the best keyword research tool

Out of the 10 keyword possibilities Google suggested, 6 fall within best practices range of at least 30 monthly searches and a QSR below 100. Writing 6 articles using best content creation practices should add at least 81 targeted visits per month from Google searches.

Jaaxy speeds up the alphabet soup keyword research process by allowing you to search for a keyword and then let you use the slider to select all of the potential first letters of the alphabet.

Jaxxy Alphabet soup Keyword Search Results What is the best keyword research tool

Wealthy Affiliate has another great training video on the alphabet soup technique for finding high value keywords to target in your Keyword research.

Wealthy Affiliate Alphabet soup training video What is the best keyword research tool
Finding Valuable Domain names with What is the best keyword research tool

Domain Name Research

An interesting part of Jaaxy’s keyword search results are in the far right column under the “Domains” heading.

Outdoor Dimmer Keyword Search Domain Notated What is the best keyword research tool

The “outdoor dimmer” keyword search results show the availability of .com, .net and .org exact match keywords. As I said earlier, the “outdoor dimmer” domain name is available as a .com, .net and as a .org!

Being able to quickly see that there is a top level domain name available for your concept is very convenient. Additionally, it’s a great way to search for high quality domain names in addition to the ways described in my “How to Find a Great Domain Name” article.

Since that article is about searching for a great domain name with the word “affiliate” included, I ran a search on Jaaxy for “start affiliate marketing” and it comes up with quite a few high quality exact match domain names.

Start Affiliate Marketing Jaaxy Domain Scan Notated What is the best keyword research tool

A great one is “How can I start affiliate marketing” as it a highly targeted query. If you click on the top level domain (tld) you are interested in (I only buy .com tlds for my projects), you are redirected to the domain purchase page on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Purchase Page What is the best keyword research tool

You can buy a domain directly on Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 annually, including domain privacy. This is an excellent price if you are purchasing a few domain names to use with affiliate marketing projects, as it includes privacy.

If you are buying hundreds of domains as part of a domain name reselling business, I would recommend Namecheap and forgoing the privacy and just paying the $9.58 per year per domain.

Jaaxy Site Rank Functionality What is the best keyword research tool

Site Rank

Understanding how your digital marketing efforts are doing is critical for your ultimate online success. It sounds simple – learn what technique is performing the best and focus more effort in that area.

Jaaxy has a “site rank” functionality, where you can search your domain and track how each keyword you are targeting is doing in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You are able to track keywords daily, twice a week, weekly, twice a month and monthly in your saved lists. Over time you can see how your targeted keyword is performing in search rankings.

I use Jaaxy to track the performance of this website, Levered Income, so as an example I ran one of our trademarks and targeted keywords “Lever Rank™”, to see how we are doing.

Lever Rank Levered Income Website Tracking What is the best keyword research tool

The Levered Income site and “Lever Rank” are in position 1 on the first page of both Google and Yahoo. We track this keyword daily, so the graph below shows us going back and forth between position 1 and position 2.

The column on the right shows the search results and your close competition.

Speaking of competition, Jaaxy Site Rank is a great tool for competitive research.

Going back to the keyword “outdoor dimmer”, I ran a search on a competitor’s website, HomeDepot.com.

Outdoor Dimmers Site rank What is the best keyword research tool

Home Depot comes up in position 1 and 2 on page 1 in Google, position 2 in Yahoo and position 15 in Bing. Between both the Home Depot and Amazon, “outdoor dimmer” has pretty stiff competition for the main website keyword.

However, because we earlier saw a lot of potential keywords that did not have a lot of competition, a built-out website with a lot of targeted content developed on OutdoorDimmer.com could have some lasting impact, especially if you included some use cases and “how to” elements.

Jaaxy Support

Wealthy Affiliate Technical Support What is the best keyword research tool

Jaaxy Support

Even though I use this tool every day, I haven’t had any issues using Jaaxy that warranted contacting support. The help area on the Jaaxy website has detailed video on how to use the platform. The platform is really simple to use (unlike a lot of other tools that offer similar capabilities).

As the platform was developed and supported by the team at Wealthy Affiliate, and their response rate is fantastic, I would expect a quick response to any support question.

Jaaxy Pricing

Jaaxy Pricing

With Free, Pro ($49 per month) and Enterprise ($99 per month) tiers, Jaaxy is priced similarly to other SEO tools that I use or have used in the past.

At this price point, Jaaxy delivers a high quality tool for keyword research and website rank tracking, not just for affiliate marketers, but for all online entrepreneurs.


Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool Pricing What is the best keyword research tool

I personally use the Jaaxy Enterprise connected to my Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription, as there is a significant discount by having both plans. If you have a Wealthy Affiliate premium plan, you get a 50% discount on a Jaaxy Enterprise plan.

Pros and Cons



Try Before You Buy

This is always a big plus for me.

I was able to try out Jaaxy for free and actually implement keyword search results in my content (and see ranking results).

Simple to Use

What is the best keyword research tool?

One that is easy to use.

If a tool is difficult to use, you won’t end up using it.

I use a lot of different SEO analysis tools, but my favorite thing about Jaaxy was that it is so simple to use. There is virtually no learning curve. I was able to jump right in with no training. Jaaxy help has a great video of how to use the tool that is 22 minutes long, and of course there are a lot of training videos available on Wealthy Affiliate.

Easy Domain Research

We covered this before, but the integration of checking the top 3 top level domains (.com, .net, .org) is a great addition. You have the opportunity to pick up highly valuable exact-match keywords while searching for keywords you would like to target.

With Jaaxy, you can leverage your time (there’s that lever word again), and do two things at the same time – a huge timesaver.

Focused Platform for Affiliate Marketers

This platform was built for affiliate marketers and it is absolutely perfect for that business.

If you’re serious about getting into affiliate marketing, the one – two combination of Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate is hard to beat. Research, education, hosting, domains, site builders and site maintenance all in one place?



Not a Complete SEO Platform

Jaaxy is not a complete platform for SEO. It is designed as a keyword research platform.

For serious optimization and website analysis you will need a tool with site auditing, SEO metrics, and much more detailed competitive research. A lot of these tools have rank tracking and keyword research also built into their functionality.

The downside of these more complex tools is that the learning curve can be daunting.

Again, if you are just focusing on affiliate marketing, Jaaxy should be enough for your needs combined with a free SEO WordPress plugin like Rankmath.

85 Lever Rank

With over 1.5 million happy users (we use it too!), RankMath is a WordPress SEO plugin that makes it easy for you to optimize your content.

Try RankMath
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Focused Platform for Affiliate Marketers

Yes, this is both in the “pros” and “cons”. The reason that it’s included in both places is that when you have such a tightly focused tool (focused on one online business vertical), it tends to leave out additional functionality that you might need in the future.

Also there may be some things included (like exact match domains and keyword specific affiliate programs) that are unnecessary for businesses that already have their domain name and are just focused on keyword research.

Jaaxy does one thing and does that one thing really well.

Cost Versus Tool

Jaaxy’s “top of the line” Enterprise Plan pricing is in line with other tools’ starter pricing on the market if purchased as a stand-alone tool.

However, those other tools are more broad, offering site auditing and more complex competitive research.

When combined with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Account, the big discount on Jaaxy makes it much more of a great deal.

Jaaxy Lever Rank

Lever Rank Label 65 What is the best keyword research tool


The Levered Income “Lever Ranking” rates a tool or business model on how much it levers your time and effort into generating you income. Working at a job is ranked at a “1” (1 hour of work generates 1 hour of pay) and someone that just gives you free money (I am still looking for this gig) is ranked at a “100”.

Jaaxy has a Lever Rank of 65, due to the cost and the tight focus of the tool on affiliate marketing.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool and research platform is a “tool” that you lever to get your websites to target low competition keywords, find low competition niches, track how you’re doing and develop great ideas for online businesses (not just for affiliate marketing).

Going through our short list of questions that we try to answer when evaluating a tool:

How much time does this tool save?

I use this keyword research tool every day and it saves me a ton of time. I am able to quickly search and select great keywords and fill content creation schedules with ease.

Even though I have other more advanced SEO tools, I end up using Jaaxy more often because it is easy to do and I can quickly generate quality work.

How much does this tool cost?

I used the “light” version which is what you have free access to when joining Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. I quickly found that while it’s great for beginner research, the time savings with automated QSR results, Automated Domain Search and a 5x increase in speed was worth the $99 per month ($49 per month as a premium Wealthy Affiliate member).

How much will you use the tool in the future?

I actually use Jaaxy for keyword research for all of my websites, not just my affiliate marketing websites. I found that easy-to-use tools are the ones that get used.

If you’re in any business online, you need to perform keyword research.

Is the tool business-specific? Or can it be applied to multiple businesses?

You can use Jaaxy for marketing any online business. It’s not just for affiliate marketing. 

Is there value for you as the business owner in understanding how to use the tool?

Understanding keyword research is critical for content creation.

If you build content that no one wants (i.e. they’re not searching for it), you will not succeed. It’s the same as trying to market the world’s best ham at a vegetarian convention – it won’t have great results.

What is the Best Keyword Research Tool? Final Thoughts on Jaxxy.

Final Thoughts about Jaaxy and What is the Best Keyword Research Tool.

Is Jaaxy the best keyword research tool?

Yes and No.

If you are an affiliate marketer and have a Wealthy Affiliate premium account, adding an Enterprise Jaaxy account is a “no-brainer”. You have access to an integrated support, education and research platform all in one place. It is an incredible value and your best choice.

If you are an affiliate marketer and do not have a Wealthy Affiliate premium account the value gets a little bit murkier. Jaaxy Enterprise is a great tool and is very easy to use, but you may find better value with another service at the $99.00 per month price point. Remember, as the complexity of using the tool goes up, the probability that you will end up using the tool goes down.

If you’re a content creator with clients, and find yourself researching keywords and want an easy, understandable way to report ranking changes for your specific work, Jaaxy is the right choice. Your job is creating content, not messing around all day trying to figure how to use another piece of software.

If you’re a digital marketer looking for an all-encompassing SEO analysis platform, Jaxxy is not the right choice.

In closing, I find that Jaaxy is right for me. I don’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to use another piece of software and I have a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership already. I am able to use it for my ecommerce websites, SaaS websites, affiliate websites, job board websites and basically every site I have online.

Check out the free plan and see if it’s a good fit for you. Let me know what you think in the comment section.